For those who are getting married, there is a unique reason to celebrate with friends – the end of singledom and all that was associated with that life. If you thought that booking a bar, a pub or arranging for dinner and drinks is the only way to celebrate such a unique occasion, here are some unusual and fun ideas to explore as well.

Plan a ride through town

While drinking gallons is usually part of a bachelor party plan, when you are out on a pub crawl, it becomes more and more difficult to drive around. Hence, booking a limo or a party bus by a reliable company Day and Night Charters would be a good idea. Such rides also add to the occasion as you could request for décor and special amenities on board. With lighting effects and entertainment systems like karaoke on the go, it adds to your enjoyment as you have a ride to go about town and celebrate while on the move.

Parties on boats

While this might seem like an expensive idea, pooling in for a boat party can help you arrange an affordable and fun trip aboard a sailing vessel. There are different packages available which range from booking for a few hours for an overnight trip. Often harbor side travel agencies not only offer party buses, but also party boats. You will find bachelor party packages complete with entertainment, drinks and meals as well as service aboard the vessel.

A game night

If all your friends are enthusiastic about any popular game that has a live event in town, it could be the perfect setting for your bachelor party night. Get tickets to the game, buy merchandise to support your favorite teams as well as splurge on snacks at the stadium, drinks at a pub thereafter followed by dinner. Having a game linked fun event is an ideal outing for older boys as well and it surely creates wonderful memories to hold onto.If you are looking to hire a party bus or a limo ride for your special night, it is best to book from before. There are many agencies that help you customize your ride packages. You can ask for amenities you want which can include drinks and refreshment options as per the number of guests traveling. Many party bus agencies help you plan a pub crawl about town and provide you a hassle free way to ride around without having to think about parking or the hazards of driving under influence. Your guests and friends will also enjoy the convenience of pickup and drop from their respective locations.