Every bride and groom will want their big day to be unique and made according to the preferences they listed out to their designer in advance. But how you can do it is the real question. Because on the day of your big day you cannot be handling everything and in fact you won’t even have the time for it. Therefore, plan a set of unique ideas or leave it to your planner and he will do the rest.


Communication is the key to bring out any unique ideas out. Not everyone has the same taste and same type of wishes. Therefore, remember your planner is not a robot and he will not be able figure it out on his own means without your assistance. Thus, fix an appointment with him at his office and communicate to him that you exactly expect for. If you are looking for a homely wedding but at a hotel where it is entirely arranged in a homely them, pass the message to him. so that he or she can get all the wedding furniture hire ready on time. Because in order to bring out the theme well, you need to make sure the details are on point. If the details are very sharp and everything is well taken care of then it is perfect. Apart from that the space you have been given should be utilized. Because every bride or groom would be looking out for compliments in terms of setting, food and clothing mainly. So, you just want your guests to say, damn that was one good big day they pulled up!


Customizing the stuff according to your plan is even more important. For example, tell it to your party decorators from Bespoke Social that you want everything tailor made and customized according to the theme you have given to them. Sometimes brides and grooms together give a token of love which is wrapped as a gift to the guest who attends the big day. In most scenarios they give a sweet cupcake or a cake piece. But to make it different you can give something memorable they can take back home. But that memory should be of both the bide and the group. Maybe a customized picture in wooden frame and saying thanks for coming.


Flowers never go out of style at a big day. Anything made out of flowers or designed with the us of flowers suddenly lifts up the entire mood and makes the place look all floral. Therefore, make sure to use one kind of flower instead of mixing everything up. That way the uniqueness will be lost.Thus, make it unique with simple techniques!